Jam International machine now available in Bangladesh.
Jam International

Jam International s.r.l. is an Italian industry that develops and produces Italy special high-tech machines and devices for the clothing industry, particularly for jeans & casual. Smart Solution is a sole agent in the Bangladesh market.

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The experience gained over in 35 years of work side by side with its customers, the high professionalism of the technicians in the after-sale service as well as the qualification of the commercial staff, make Jam International a valuable partner in the market challenges.

Jam International products are the best offered in the world market concerning quality, productivity, and functionality. These products are developed with the highest professionalism in manufacturing machinery and devices, combined with a deep knowledge of customer’s production requirements.

Jam International has a Research, Development, and Design department with highly qualified staff working under the direction of thirty-years experienced specialists. The applied technology is innovative and for the most part, patented.

The in-depth knowledge of the materials used in the production as well as the respective thermic and surface treatments, the choice of the first-rate pneumatic, electric and electronic components together with the highest technology and precision of the machinery used in the production processes, allow obtaining high quality and reliability products.

Jeans e Casual Products :

  1. Waistband
  2. Labels
  3. Belt Loops
  4. Pockets
  5. Yoke and crotch
  6. Fly stitching
  8. Decorative stitchings
  9. Pocket hemming
Jam International machine

Shirts and Works clothes Products :

Automatic pocket setter with the folding group for the shirt. The automatic unit JT863P is an automatic programmable area machine for the application of patch pockets on shirt and similar, with the automatic folding group and stacker. It is equipped with a lock stitch hook and thread trimmer.

Thanks to the patented folding system, to the central retractable stitching clamp, and to the special JAM INTERNATIONAL device for the alignment of the pocket with the strips and checks on the fabric, is guaranteed a constant production of high quality.

The efficient cycle of the seam (understood as a sequence of the operations and speed of seam) it allows reaching a production of 2800 pockets in 8 hours.

The pocket shape can easily be replaced in 2, 3 minutes and the direct use of the new software allows the immediate adjustment of the stitching program.

The machine could be also used for decorating stitching operations.

Leather goods Machine :

JT315F – JT316F

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