EFATECH Machine Now Available in Bangladesh.

Efatech Machine is a Turkish industrial Automation Machinery Brand that develops and produces Turkish special high-tech machines and devices for the clothing industry locate in 5747/2 Sokak No:25 6008 Ada MTK Sitesi Çamdibi / İZMİR. Smart Solution is a sole agent in the Bangladesh market.

Efatech machine is optimally putting into service the training, overhaul, service, project, advantages of textile automation systems with their knowledge of engineering and experience. They are generating the most correct solutions supply the needs of sectoral with the projects rest upon the research-development, fertile work planning construction under the favor of it’s the experience as known that the specifics, the needs of the sector.

Efatech machine has been working in textile automation systems for ensuring customer satisfaction with professional technical support, secure service since 2014. Efatech machine maximizes the parameters like speed, sensitivity, accessibility, flexible structure, revisability, durableness in textile automation systems.
Efatech put into service to customers it’s ever-growing knowledge with it’s the professional staff. They acquire a vision to offer a solution with a sense of top quality for the best to ensure customer satisfaction.

Efatech Machine Automate Hi-Tech Products

  • TRACETECH Textile Production Monitoring System.
  • PC-40V3C Bottom Hemming Machine Chino.
  • PC-40V3H Bottom Hemming Machine Denim.
  • PD-X10 Ultrasonic Ribbon Loop Attache.
  • PD-X10B Ultrasonic Ribbon Loop Attacher Bending Option.
  • LBS-6V1 Ultrasonic Label Sewing Machine.
  • PC-500 Trousers Turning Machine.
  • PC-500B Bag and Pillowcase Turning Machine.
  • HX-6800T Automatic Stacking.
  • DK-X30 Striped Button Automat.

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